How a Redundant Power Supply Can Protect Your Network

by | Feb 15, 2013 | Business And Finance

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Despite the unfortunate possible connotations of its name, a redundant power supply is definitely not a superfluous investment. Generally used for servers as well as other high-end computers, a redundant power supply ensures that a computer will remain running even if one power supply fails. The unit contains two power supplies, either of which is capable of providing power for the computer. Only one runs a time, though if that power supply fails, the other one will switch on to power the computer. The seamless transition from the use of one power supply to the use of the other ensures that power failure doesn’t cause any information to be lost or cause a server to shut down.

If your server is important to your business or organization, a redundant power supply will ensure that you never risk having your server go down due to issues with the power supply. A security enhanced redundant power supply ensures that your server remains reliable and your data stays safe. If the power supply for your network fails, quick recovery is vital. Without a redundant power supply, a business can lose customers or even suffer from not having an online presence, however briefly. As a network administrator, it’s your job to ensure that your business or organization retains a highly visible online presence around the clock. Utilizing a redundant power supply for your system provides that consistency.

If all of your equipment already has dual power inputs, then a redundant power supply should be easy to integrate into your rack with minimal hassle. If you’re still using older network devices with a single power input, it can be more work to get a redundant power supply set up, but it will certainly pay off when you don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night to handle emergency network power failures. There are even certain kinds of redundant power supplies which are specifically made to work with older, single power input systems and can make the task of protecting your network’s stability much easier.

If you want to ensure that your business or organization’s network continues to run smoothly, a redundant power supply offers a reliable, cost-effective method of protecting your server in the event of power failure. If you want to ensure that your business’ website remains constantly available, the reliability of a redundant power supply will help achieve that goal.

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