Tips for purchasing scaffolding in Glasgow

When the task is to purchase scaffolding, the experts all agree, stick to the standard. International standards on scaffolding vary considerably and you should determine which standard is applicable in your area and stick with that. Although the standards may be similar, scaffolding which has been designed for one reason will not necessarily be applicable in other regions. There are always very good reasons for these variances.

If you are purchasing scaffolding in Glasgow either to subsequently hire out or to use on your own projects you will find that building owners are very aware of liability issues and will insist that scaffolding manufactured to a specific standard be supplied, and they will want a copy of the certificate for their job records.

The standard number will be indicated on the various components used for the system, although it does not happen often, there are cases of scaffolds being built using water pipe rather than the approved structural tubing. Water pipe has no load bearing capacity and the standing scaffold tower stands a good chance of collapsing.

There are copies of reputable brands on the market which are made in China. Do not buy it, there is no quality control during the manufacture and substandard materials will be used to cut costs and get the product to market. Purchase your scaffolding from a company that guards its reputation, it is a guarantee of safety and you will always have technical support, warranty and indemnity insurance.

Buy the best
Scaffolding, although built to a standard is not all the same. It may appear a simple product to the untrained eye, but when integrated into the entire construction process it is complex. The advantages of buying the best are huge but often hidden.

It makes little sense to spend a fortune on specialized equipment that is used in the erection of the building and then scrimp on scaffolding in Glasgow. The money that may be saved on the purchase can be blown on the first job due to complex and time consuming erection. Not only is time important on a job, making on-site adaptations is something that often compromises safety and structural integrity.

To satisfy safety engineers and to arrange insurance, the scaffolding has to be manufactured to a recognized standard and it must be provable. Each and every component that you purchase must be capable of being traced in the event of component failure. Make sure everything you purchase is marked with an indication of who made it, when and where. Manufacturers themselves also have significant liability for the integrity of their product and if there is a failure they want to track the components from that manufacturing batch a soon as possible and offer replacements.


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