Bariatric Surgey Gives Weight loss Hope

When a person has trouble losing weight, they often turn to Bariatric Surgeryin Hartford. Bariiatric derives from a Greek word that means ‘heavy’. Bariatric Surgery is a weight loss option done by doctors several thousand times a year. Most people think of it as stomach stapling though all forms of Bariatric Surgery serve the same purpose. This operation reduces the size of the stomach so the person will not eat as much. Lap band or stomach stapling on decreases stomach capacity and the patient feels full after a few servings of food. This amount can be compared to the size of a saucer. The patient loses weigh because calories are limited.

Stomach stapling involves cutting a great deal of the stomach and sewing it into a smaller pouch. Roux-En Y is a newer type of gastric bypass surgery that reduces the size of the stomach without stapling and cutting. The digestive system is reconstructed so the stomach is connected to the center portion of the small intestine. The intestine absorbs less fats and sugars as a result. Variation of this procedure is the mini bypass performed with local anesthesia and classified as outpatient surgery. The advantages of this surgery are less pain , minimal scaring, and quick recovery time. The procedure only takes around twenty minutes. Patients are permitted to go home the same day.

Who qualifies for Bariatric Surgery in Hartford? You have likely seen celebrities who have lost weight using this technique. However, the surgery is not a whole solution for weight loss. You must be a minimum of 100 pounds overweight because of the risks associated with the surgery. Though you will lose 60%-70% of your boy weight, you still need proper nutrition. For example, 2% milk should be replaced with 1% milk. Use egg whites instead of whole eggs. It is essential you do not eat concentrated sugars or you will gain the weight back you lost.

If you have tried to lose weigh without success, Bariatric Surgery in Fairfield County may be the answer. It will help you get command of your life back and look better. A doctor can determine if you qualify and give you all the information you need before and after surgery.

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