The Role Of Spirituality In Drug Treatment In Los Angeles

There are many different options or components used in different programs offering drug treatment in Los Angeles. Within different programs, including the Twelve Step Program, spirituality is a central focus.

While some recovery programs tend to minimize or avoid the discussion of spirituality in recovery and in sober living maintenance after treatment, it is a critical factor. Understanding how spiritually and drug treatment in Los Angeles are mutually beneficial to anyone it is important to understand the basics.

Spirituality is not Religion

One of the biggest reasons may drug treatment in Los Angeles don’t focus on spirituality is the confusion between spirituality and religion. You can be spiritual but not religious, and you could practice a religion, at least go through the motions, without being spiritual.

Spirituality, at least in a Twelve Step focused drug treatment in Los Angeles is the belief in a higher power. This higher power may be God in Christian religions, YHWH in Jewish faith or Allah in the Islamic faith. However, spirituality can also be based on Native American beliefs, the belief in a Universal Power or Force, a connection to the natural world or any other focus on a positive, higher power guiding an individual’s life.

The Value of Spirituality

The values of adding spirituality to drug treatment in Los Angeles are easy to see. When people have a connection to a spiritual element in their life they are:

  • Accepting they are not solely in control

  • Accepting there is a reasons and purpose to their life and all they do

  • Able to see the potential for hope

  • Understanding the need to create harmony and peace

  • Achieving a sense of personal value

  • Embracing a sense of belonging in the world around them

  • Being connected to the world, to others, and self in a powerful, positive and lasting way

Spirituality brings a sense of community into drug treatment in Los Angeles and helps people to identify the good in themselves and others. It is a way of seeing connections and similarities rather than differences and points of conflict.

Adding spirituality to a drug treatment in Los Angeles is an essential part of bringing harmony and a holistic rather than self-centered approach to recovery. It is also uplifting and positive, giving people a link to the world around them which may have been lost during the addiction.

At The Gooden Center, we use the Twelve Step Program as our basis for drug treatment in Los Angeles. To learn more about your programs and our treatment model see us online at

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