The Importance of Assault and Battery Coverage in Your Nightclub Insurance

Nightclubs can be a lot of fun to own, but they also come with a lot of liability. The combination of liquor, loud music and various entertainment could be a recipe for disaster in some situations. The best thing any nightclub owner can do for himself is to have the proper nightclub insurance for all potential incidents. This will limit the personal liability you face and decrease the chance of a personal lawsuit being filed against you, bringing you to financial ruin.

What Is Assault and Battery Coverage?

When two people get into an altercation inside your place of business, chances are one is going to end up hurt and possibly incur serious bodily harm and medical expenses. The altercation could be between two patrons or even a bartender and a patron or a security guard and a patron. The main issues should lie between the two involved in the altercation. However, it is possible for someone who suffers any type of bodily harm while on your premises to potentially file a lawsuit against your establishment. Sometimes the altercation does not even have to be physical; if there are sufficient threats to a person’s wellbeing, it could be considered assault and battery as well.

Getting Accepted for Assault and Battery Insurance

The risk of each nightclub’s potential for harmful activities depends on its location, clientele, environment and size. The larger nightclubs with more activity, longer hours and more alcohol are more likely to have issues, but there are plenty of situations where small, low-key bars also have altercations that turn bad. Insurance carriers take this situation seriously and will assess the risk of each nightclub individually by examining their premises, along with the employees, the experience of management and a review of any previous criminal history occurring at the club to help determine the risk involved.

Finding the Right Coverage for Assault and Battery

The typical policy for assault and battery is for $1,000,000. Any policy that offers less than that does not offer sufficient coverage and could prove to be detrimental to the nightclub owner. While it might seem beneficial to save money on your insurance premiums, the likelihood of assault and battery occurring at some point in your nightclub is fairly high and not worth taking the financial risk of someone suing your establishment as a result. Protect yourself with the best nightclub insurance available, and you will be safeguarded against financial ruin as a result of assault and battery charges in your club.

If you need nightclub insurance coverage to help reduce risks, enhance profitability, and protect your assets.

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