How to Properly Use Spa Chemicals

The proper use of spa chemicals is important to ensure safe operation of your hot tub. If you don’t use the proper chemicals in the appropriate manner, the people who use your hot tub can become ill or you may experience other problems with your hot tub itself. Therefore, it is important for you to learn exactly which chemicals you will need to use, as well as how often you should use them for the best results.

Daily Care

There are some chemicals you need to use on a daily basis to ensure the function of your hot tub. Every day, it is important to make sure your chlorine or other spa sanitizer is filled. This will ensure the water stays as clean as possible. You will also need to ensure your water filter is operating correctly each day to aid in the removal of debris from your hot tub.

Weekly Chemical Treatments

It is important to make sure your hot tub is treated weekly with spa chemicals. Use pH strips to test the levels in the water so you can see which chemicals the hot tub needs. You may need to add some spa shock to help clean the water, as well as the right chemicals to raise or lower the alkalinity levels so they are in the appropriate range for your hot tub.

How to Apply Chemicals

Once you know which chemicals you need to apply the chemicals in the right manner for the best results. When you add in the appropriate amount of each chemical, leave the cover off. Allow the hot tub to run for a full 20 minutes before shutting it off and recovering it. This will allow the chemicals to circulate throughout the water and prevent a buildup of chemicals in the air if you cover it too soon after adding the chemicals.

Making sure you use your spa chemicals properly will not only keep your hot tub safe for use, it will also protect your hot tub so it lasts longer. Many of these chemicals should be added on a weekly basis as needed based on the results of the pH testing. Other checks should be done on a daily basis to ensure your hot tub has all the right chemicals. When you apply the chemicals, it is also important to ensure it is done properly to fully circulate the chemicals throughout the water.

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