The best baby shower gift ideas

Finding the best baby shower gifts can be challenging. This is especially true if you have never looked for baby shower gifts before. It helps to have an array of baby shower gift ideas to choose from. This can help you to make the best selection when you are at a loss for what gifts to purchase.

Baby Towels

One of the best baby shower gifts to give is the baby towel. Often with so many new things to buy for a little one, it can be hard to remember the simple things like new towels. This is why it helps to purchase this as a gift for another new parent to save them the hassle of shopping for these one their own. When selecting these towels, you can choose neutral colors if the parents have not yet revealed the gender of the new baby. This includes tan colored towels, simple gender neutral designs, yellow, or even green towels.

Monogrammed Baby Blankets

Another of the great baby shower gifts are monogrammed baby blankets. These make great gifts because they can be treasured long after the baby grows up. The parents will like adding the baby blanket to complete their nursery decor. They can also enjoy taking photos of the new baby lying next to their name on the monogrammed baby blanket. This shower gift idea is best if the parents know whether the baby is a boy or a girl and if they have already decided on a name. Make sure to get the exact spelling so you can be assured that it is monogrammed correctly.

Baby Artwork

Another of the baby shower gifts that will make a great impression is baby artwork. This refers to artwork that was made especially to be displayed in the nursery. This type of artwork is beautiful and provides viewing pleasure for the baby and parents alike. When it comes to buying baby artwork, it helps to choose either bright colors or monochromatic tones that are ideal for newborns. Remind the new parents to hang the artwork at an eye level that the new baby can see and enjoy.

These great baby shower gifts will be wonderful for new parents and baby alike. You can enjoy an impressed set of party guests who think your gift is truly one of a kind.

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