A Guide To Malibu Detox During Alcohol And Drug Treatment Programs

For most people with addictions, the detoxification component of the program is the most challenging. Detox is the first few days in rehab when the body is adjusting to the absence of the drug or alcohol. All drug and alcohol and drug treatment programs in Malibu include detox before the actual next steps of recovery can begin if needed by the patient.

Your Malibu detox experience will vary slightly depending on the specific addiction, how long you have been using, and how your body reacts. Typically all individuals will experience both physical as well as emotional or psychological changes, some which can be physically and emotionally draining and even painful.

The First Day

The first step through the door of your Malibu detox is the most difficult, but also the most rewarding as it is the start of your journey to recovery. The first few hours of your stay at the facility will include a medical examination, assessment, and medical history review.

It is important to be very honest with the medical team and the counselors. If you are using more than one substance or combining alcohol and drugs, be sure to talk to the staff. In addition, explain any prescription or over-the-counter medications as well as any supplements or vitamins you are taking. These will not be allowed in the facility unless they are required prescription medications.

Medical Detox

Once admitted and settled into your room you will start your Malibu detox. It will be different than any “cold turkey” detox you may have tried as an out-patient treatment program or on your own.

Instead, your medical team will work with you throughout your detox phase. Detox will last three to twelve days for most patients, with some patients requiring additional detox time depending on the drugs used and the length of time of addiction.

During your Malibu detox supervised by licensed medical professionals, you may be provided with specific short-term prescription medications. These can help to reduce the cravings and the physical discomfort of the detox process. NSAIDs and other medications can also be used to help control headaches and body pains often associated with both alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms.

In top facilities offering a medically supervised Malibu detox you will also be provided with carefully selected foods and supplements to help to boost the body’s natural, healthy functioning.

During your Malibu detox you will also start to receive counseling, psychotherapy, and one-on-one support. It is an important time to focus on yourself to become healthy and strong so you can move forward with other activities, exercises, and training in the upcoming days of rehab.

At Serenity Malibu, we provide a medically supervised detox in our world-class treatment facility. To learn more about our Malibu detox and treatment services visit us online at www.SerenityMalibuRehab.com.