The benefits of a Honda engine

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Repair & Services

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When we think about a Honda Engine we associate the brand with reliability, performance and more importantly fuel efficiency. Over the past decade Honda have strived to ensure that their engines are one of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly engines on the market. They are constantly looking for new ways in which they can improve their engines with regards to these aspects. Their advertising campaigns have focused strongly on the issue of fuel efficiency and the name Honda is synonymous with green, environmentally friendly driving.

Performance and experience
The Honda repair in Salt Lake City has been around for decades and it is a brand that consumers have grown to trust. Consumers recognize that Honda, as the planets biggest engine manufacturer, has all the necessary knowledge and experience to produce an engine that will give them everything that they require with regards to engine performance. Years of experience, in many different spheres of auto use, has enabled Honda engineers to produce engine after engine that meets the needs of today’s road user.

With regards to performance, Honda have ensured that, whilst being more environmentally friendly, they have not lost anything relating to engine performance. They are constantly coming up with new designs and concepts to keep their engines at the cutting edge of their discipline. They continue to be market leaders in terms of fuel efficiency, power output and reliability.

Environmentally friendly engines
Their advertising campaigns of recent years have focused specifically on producing engines that are not a drain on the planets resources and that will not produce high levels of harmful emissions. In addition to their drive to ensure more efficient fuel use they also carry out schemes to promote the need to protect the environment. Their current “Blue skies for our children” campaign has received praise and acclaim worldwide.

Honda engines have evolved dramatically over the years but their focus has always been on the fuel efficiency of their engines. Back in the early 1970’s they were the first engine manufacturer to conform with America’s Clean Air Act standards. In the back end of that same decade their Civic range was ranked as the most fuel efficient car in use on the road. Their engines continued to improve and evolve and by the mid to late nineties they had four cars ranked in the top ten of the most fuel efficient car category. More recently, Honda have been at the forefront of new engine technology whereby electrically powered engines take priority. Their work in helping the environment was recognized again in 2010 when they were voted the “greenest engine manufacturer” for the fifth year running.

Honda engines remain one of the best options for consumers today. Their popularity means that there are numerous automotive companies dealing with Honda repair in Salt Lake City.


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