Helpful Information on Diesel Particulate Filters in Garden Grove, CA

When you need to keep your diesel engine operating efficiently, you should look for diesel particulate filters in Garden Grove, CA. These filters work to trap harmful exhaust soot particles so that they may be emptied out and allow your vehicle to maintain optimal performance. Your DPF should be cleaned out on a regular basis using a process that is known as regeneration. You can use either active, passive, or forced regeneration to clean the filter. The soot that accumulates is burned off when the engine reaches a temperature of around 600 degrees Celsius. This will leave behind an ash residue. It will effectively renew or regenerate the filter so that it may be used in the future to eliminate more pollution from the engine.

What Are the Different Types of Regeneration?

DPF Medic can provide you with the best filters for your diesel engine. If you are interested in learning more about the different regeneration processes, here are some helpful details. This will help to give you a better understanding of diesel particulate filters.

Active Regeneration

Active regeneration is performed in an active system that works off sensors or a filter load limit. The sensors can read the exhaust backpressure of the filter and activate timing adjustments to the fuel injection that cause an increase in exhaust temperature. This starts the burning of the soot and the regeneration of the diesel particle filter.

Passive Regeneration

Passive regeneration of diesel particulate filters is a process used by some manufacturers that typically takes place on the motorway where the exhaust temperatures are at their highest. This type of system will often have an integrated oxidizing catalytic converter that can be found near the engine. This location is where the exhaust gases are hot enough to make passive regeneration possible. The process relies heavily on the exhaust temperature being high enough to burn away automatically.

Forced Regeneration

Forced regenerations occur when your truck shows the second stage of the warning signs caused by diesel particulate filters. Your vehicle may fail to operate as it should and you will need to take it to a garage for additional help. The mechanic is likely to perform a forced regeneration using a computer program to operate the car and initiate the regeneration of the particulate filter. This process will also require you to change the oil and oil filter.

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