The Basics Of St. Louis Web Development

by | Jun 25, 2012 | website-design

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The process of creating a webpage is comprised of two essential components that every person should know when entering into the world of St. Louis web development. There are some people who make the mistake of thinking that designing a webpage in programs such as Dreamweaver is as hard as its going to get. This may be true if this is something you are doing for dun but is a huge mistake if you are making a website for a business or company that is looking to attract new clients. If you are considering getting to web development there are several things you need to consider.

There is a tendency for St. Louis web development specialists to use pictures which can be a good idea when used correctly. If you are choosing to use a picture as the background wallpaper you need to experiment with fonts and colors to make sure that the text can be read. No one will spend time straining to read the text, they will instead move on to another page. The picture used should also relate to the products being sold or the company brand being advertised. Many web development professional will advise that you not use a picture if at all possible.

St. Louis web development consultants and professionals will have an understanding of what works best. In regards to colour schemes, you should always stay away from reds and greens as a color combination. Even when trying to keep it simple you can cause people to immediately leave your site. A basic black background topped with bright yellow font is not wise when planning out your colour scheme, even though it may seem to be an obvious choice. The color scheme being used should be one that evokes emotions in the audience and visitors to your site. You may want to make the customer feel calm and mellow while browsing through you site so you would choose blue and navy colors. If you are looking to excite the audience you might want to consider using a variety of reds and burgundy colors throughout your design. Whatever the color scheme being used, the primary goal is to attract visitors and potential customers.

A web page that is hard to navigate through is one that will not attract much internet traffic. A St. Louis web development consultant that knows what they are doing will want to put a navigation bar on each page. This will allow people to browse through your products easily without becoming confused. It will also keep visitors from having to hit the back button each time they want to move from page to page. The key to successful St. Louis web development is to not over think things and to keep it simple and easy to read.

Don’t try to do everything yourself when it comes to web development, let the experts at take care of all of your web development needs and point you in the right direction.

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