Holistic System: Brand Management and More

by | Jun 25, 2012 | Internet Marketing, Loan

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Holistic system means the ‘whole’ or total process of business practice, brand management, profit earning and other business methodologies. All these comes together to initiate the profit in all business organisation. Holistic development is always better than partial development of the company. This holistic system also includes the process of engaging clients, dealing with partnership and managing other formalities of company. It also deals with profit earning and marketing sides of the company.

The holistic system of management therefore initiates the marketing advancement of the business organisation:

There are few important stages of holistic management. On the first place there are five stages of lead management. The first step of lead management included recruitment or capturing of leads for different sectors. Lead distribution or the second stage of lead management, here the sales personnel are entrusted with the activity of distribution of leads. The third stage requires the process of analysing and collecting the feedback of the clients who has received the leads. These feedbacks can be in form of postal, e mails or calls. It is very important to attend these feedbacks properly because future lead distribution is based on this.

The most important stage of holistic lead management is the conversion of leads. The team that is managing the sales department needs to convert the leads to their potential customers. And the last stage of this is the most crucial as it evaluates the performance of the company and the effectiveness of the marketing strategies. It is the responsibility of the sales personnel to keep a regular record of the sales cycles and the customer satisfaction.

The holistic system also includes systematic structure of lead management, where the representative of the company deals with thousands of customer feedbacks and enquiries. This is very essential to en rich the customer database of the company. Customer database includes all detail about their potential customers and leads. This is also essential to trace the distribution of product and to increase the distribution among new customers.

The holistic system is another synonym for growth and development of the company. Holistic development of lead management paves the way to increase sales of the company in smoother and smarter way. This is because lead management engages the sales personnel and keeps aside the administrative personnel; as a result, sales personnel can focus wholly upon the growth and development of the marketing side of the company ensuring increase in sales. This ultimately results in acquiring more revenues for the organisation. In holistic lead management system customer feed backs are stored systematically in the customer database which helps the company to keep track of its development as well as it serves while providing after sales services to the customers. This system is very essential for all those companies who are concerned about total customer satisfaction. It helps the company to serve the customers immediately on any issues.