Sex addiction, can it be cured?

Sex addiction can be suffered by both the male and the female, but it is most prevalent in men. Sex addiction is the overpowering desire for sex; it becomes a problem and is considered to be an addiction when the sexual act happens often enough to interfere with a normal life. Addiction to sex has a damning effect on relationships, friendships, careers and lifestyle.

There is a fine line drawn between enjoying sex, and sex addiction. Sexual addiction gives way to lengthy periods of time when the individual is given completely over to sexual activities. Sex addicts rarely are capable of controlling their sexual behavior nor can they control the incidence. Sex addicts often use this overwhelming desire as a cover up for other problems such as social isolation, depression and stress.

Sex addicts tend to have distorted views; they attempt to rationalize their behavior by blaming others. They will vehemently deny they have a problem and make many feeble excuses for their actions.

Risk-taking is a natural outcome of sex addiction. The addict engages in many forms of sexual activity, unmindful of the consequences. Not only does the addict damage his own relationships and social life, he puts at risk the emotions of the partners and the risk of physical injury.

Sex addiction can progress into illegal activities such as exhibitionism, instituting obscene phone calls or Internet contact or molestation. Being a sex addict does not necessarily mean that the person is a sex offender.

Behaviors associated with sexual offenders:

*Having multiple partners and extra-marital affairs

*Having sex with prostitutes and anonymous partners; sex addicts treat sexual partners as objects and not as a social intimate.

*Excessive and compulsive masturbation

*Use of pornographic materials, chat rooms and on-line pornography sites

*Unsafe sex

*Voyeurism, watching others engaged in a sex act

*Molestation and rape

The causes of sexual addiction:

As with most mental disorders, why sexual addiction occurs is conjecture and theory. It can be used as a coping mechanism to cover deep emotional problems or a personality disorder, it can also be the results of childhood molestation; bipolar disorder or OBD are all potential reasons and causes.
Generally speaking, the person who suffers this addiction gets very little pleasure from this sexual activity and forms no bonds, emotional or otherwise with the partner. The addiction often leads to a feeling of deep shame and guilt.

Getting help:

Sexual addiction, which is an intense preoccupation with sex, requires the help of a professional. The deviate should be seen by a trained psychologist or psychiatrist or sex-therapist. Usually the treatment regimen is dependent on the underlying cause; behavioral treatments have been found to be beneficial in the treatment.

Sex addiction is one of the mental health disorders that are treated by the specialists at Cedar Hills Hospital in Beaverton, OR. The hospital caters to inpatient, partial hospitalization or outpatient care.

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