Choosing the right dress boots for women

During the winter holiday season, you will see many different types of lady’s dress boots. For those ladies who have yet to venture into Frye boots Denver, here are a few tips for you.

The first major decision:

Your first decision is to select the reason for the boots in the first place. Are you going to wear them to work, are they specifically for dress purposes, are they snow boots? There are many reasons for boots, but here we are focusing on dress boots.

The clothes come next:

Dress boots are of different heel and leg heights. You need to determine what kind of clothing you will wear when you are wearing your boots; will you be wearing jeans, smart slacks or a dress or skirt?

There are a lot of different heights for Frye boots in Denver. The shortest are ankle length, then the boot height moves to mid calf, then to the ever popular knee high and then calf high which are seldom worn.
If your choice of clothing was long pants or jeans, most women prefer at the most mid-calf height, with many favoring ankle boots. If the clothing choice is dresses or skirts, mid-calf or knee-high boots look best. Thigh-high boots are usually worn by the younger set with very short skirts.


Once you have decided on the boot height, the next thing to focus on is the heel size and height. Many women have difficulty with stilettos or heels over 3 inches in height. It is thought that the most comfortable heel for boots is one which is about the same width as the boot. The heel is a very personal thing, and it may take a number of trips to a number of different shoe stores before you find the ideal combination.

If the occasion is a party around the holiday season, the length of the dress and the formality of the affair will dictate the boot you will need. If the affair is a formal cocktail party, you may find that boots, no matter what height, are simply not appropriate and that cocktail shoes are the better choice. If the affair is casual and the dress is also casual, a pair of dress Frye boots in Denver will be appropriate. For this situation, a boot of mid-calf height with any heel can look very smart.

When you get down to it, time is what you need to find the ideal boot for yourself. Buying boots on-line can be problematic as there is always the need to try them for fit and looks. If the boot you want is mid-calf or knee length you will need to know that your calf will fit comfortably in the boot.

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