Selecting Rustic Doors For An Entrance

It is amazing how many different building styles are enhanced by the addition of rustic doors for entrance ways. Too often it seems builders spend little time and attention on the details of the front door and choose to use a standard entrance door. This creates a look of similarity between every door on each home on the block.

Upgrading the standard door with any of the beautiful rustic doors available through custom door companies can turn a great home into a beautiful home. Since they are so unique but also very practical and natural, they can work with a stone home, a brick house, or with a natural wood home. In addition, these doors can also work with siding or stucco types of home and they look amazing with the Mediterranean or Spanish style of design.

The Popularity of the Style

One of the major advantages to rustic doors is their timeless look and design. They are designed to be solid, secure doors but still welcoming and a true asset to the home.

With different shapes of doors from traditional to arched, they can really become a focal point in the front of a home. It is also important to keep in mind that the term “rustic doors” doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and unique in appearance. These doors can be matched with transoms and side lights with matching designs, metal accents, and grill work for a completely unique look.

The Importance of Quality

As mentioned above, the hallmark of top quality rustic doors is their solid design and durable. They may be constructed with clavos and grills or even speakeasies complete with grills. The term clavos is used to describe the iron rivet looking ornamental features of the door resembling the tops of old fashioned spikes.

This rustic door along with the ornamental grills over the speakeasy and extending to the transom or side lights, really bring the look together. Add a light or dark stain to create a unique color combination and to coordinate with the home for a very coordinated look.

When considering rustic doors, take a look not only at the door itself, but at the detail in the construction. Choose a wood to compliment the style such as knotty alder or even a teak and then also select a pre-finished stain to avoid the necessity to do this on your own.

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