Choose the Right Industrial Cabling for a Fast Ethernet Connection

The success of industrial networks depends on the right cabling. Whether you’re looking to setup a military intercommunication network, or a machine monitoring system, you need a failsafe connection. Through an experience supplier, you can purchase the RF or fiber optic cabling your applications demands. Top-notch RF and fiber optic cables are engineered to endure a variety of indoor and outdoor environments, while preventing data loss. With a number of designs and armor coatings to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect solution.

Radio Frequency Cables
Radio frequency (RF) cables – often referred to as coaxial cables – are durable cables that can be connected to wide variety of devices. Typically, coaxial cables are comprised of four levels of material – a copper core, inner insulator, copper shield, and outer sheath. These types of cables are ideal for fast Ethernet connections, because they’re usually able to transmit large data capacities at lightning-fast speeds. Additionally, due their copper cores, RF cables can transmit different frequencies at once, allowing users to setup more than one connection using the same cable.

Fiber Optic Cables
Fiber optic cables are constructed using optical fibers, which transport light. Glass and plastic are the two main materials used to create optical fibers. Like RF cables, fiber optic cables are normally sealed with durable sheathing to keep the fibers protected as they age. Naturally, outdoor cables are more heavily armored than indoor cables, and are often UV resistant, oil resistant, and halogen-free. Due to their powerful data transmission capacities and overall sturdiness, fiber optic cabling is used in a variety of applications.

Uses in Professional Operations
Industry networks require reliable connectivity, even under sometimes harsh conditions. RF and fiber optic cables are chosen by industrial professionals when data preservation, sturdiness, and fast Ethernet connections are must-haves. However complex the operation, the right cabling can make all of the difference. From 50 GHz RF cables, to single/multimode fiber optic cables, you can find the high quality products you need through a trustworthy supplier. RF and fiber optic cables are highly flexible, and are used in virtually every industry, including:

* Telecommunication
* Military communication systems and manufacturing
* Aerospace
* Nuclear
* Water treatment
* Electronics manufacturing
* Oil/gas
* Automotive
* Industrial Surveillance

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