Selecting a lawn care company

Proper lawn care consists of mowing, application of fertilizer and weed control, irrigation and over seeding when necessary. As a homeowner you have two choices; you can do the work yourself or you can hire a company that specializes in lawn care services in Fishers. As getting a good lawn and garden is time consuming, you may wish to consider a service provider.

The service that these companies provide varies from firm to firm. Some company’s only offer fertilizer and pest control; others offer full lawn care services in Fishers. Most lawn care companies are very familiar with what works best in the area. Soil conditions vary, but within a certain community there is a commonality and based on information that they can get from state agricultural colleges, they know what fertilizers and pest controls work best.

The results that the homeowner gets from lawn care services in Fishers depend to a great degree on the services he contracts for. If the homeowner only gets fertilizer applied four times a year he can expect problems with pests and weeds. Conversely, a full service commitment will see someone working on the lawn every week, the result being a superior lawn. Full service is akin to having a gardener.

However, no matter how many services you get, there must be a dose of realism thrown in. Most conflicts happen when the service company does not meet the expectations of the homeowner, who is looking for the perfect lawn. At times, the soil itself will not allow for the perfect growing conditions so the results, although acceptable will not be up to “House and Gardens” standards.

The perfect lawn often is a joint effort between lawn care service personnel and the homeowner. The service company may come weekly, but the homeowner should take the responsibility of seeing that the irrigation system is turned on as needed. The lawn care company, they will provide the mowing services as well as all the treatments.

For the best lawn care services in Fishers, consider this, you get what you pay for. Although cost is not always the bench mark, more often than not the degree of knowledge and expertise, along with a full understanding of the soil and the ability to identify insect infestation problems, etc. come at a price.

Selection factors:

* Flexibility: Does the company offer different levels of service, do they have flexible payment plans, do they use reputable products, etc?

* Response: How quickly will a rep respond to a problem if one occurs?

* Expertise: Do the owners and operators have training in lawn care and do they keep up to date with modern methods and products?

* Reputation: Are they well respected in the community for providing excellent services for a reasonable price?

Using these criteria should help you select a company that provides top rated lawn care services in Fishers.

Complete lawn care services in Fishers are available from Lawnscapes Cut & Care, Inc. A custom tailored program can be designed just for you, giving you precisely the degree of service you want and need.

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