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The world of filing for workers comp is very complex and exhausting for most people. This is why a Workers Comp Lawyer Monroe County NY is required to have a successful case that grants you the money you deserve. This money may cover medical fees or other expenses following the accident.

About Workers Comp
1. See your own doctor following the accident.
2. Gauge your body before returning to work.
3. Understand your company has workers comp insurance for cases such as this.

Your company will likely send you to their own doctor following your accident. You do not want to take this as the only opinion if you do not feel well. The doctor works for your company and is contracted by them. This doesn’t mean the doctor treating you isn’t trust worthy, but it is important to note he or she works for your company. Because of this there have been many cases where the doctor says an employee is fit for work or fit to return to work before they are.

Listen to how your body feels when it’s time to return to work. Many people do not want to seek the medical advice of another doctor because of costs. You can visit a doctor a clinic for a nominal fee to get a second opinion from a third party doctor. In fact, this is recommended by many workers comp lawyers. This provides the case with an additional facet that can sway the judge in your favor.

The company should have workers comp insurance as required by law. In the event the company does not have workers comp insurance, you are allowed to sue the company. Typically if you are filing for workers comp, you are not allowed to sue the company but an exception to the rule is when the company’s insurance lapses. This will be further explained by your Workers Comp Lawyer Monroe County NY.

If you are granted workers comp for a limited time, be sure you are 100% medically able to continue with your job when you return. Some employers attempt to create a position that actually accommodates the injury, which is illegal. This is important for your attorney to know when you go back to work. Your company has to have workers comp to take care of employees when they are injured on the job.

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