Save Time And Money With Utility Billing Services

As the manager or owner of a multi-family building or property, you have your hands full with the day-to-day responsibilities and tasks of management. The last thing you need to worry about is creating water bills for tenants and to make sure they are paid. To handle this, look to utility billing services.

There are obvious benefits to contracting with utility billing services to handle everything from generating the paper bills and sending them in the mail to handling payment processing. Arranging to have a company handle all this for you makes your life a lot easier.

Options for Payment

The top utility billing services have transitioned to fully web-based systems to allow your tenants to simply go online and make their payment. This is a simple and secure system through their website, and you don’t have to worry about setting up individual clients lists or trying to create accounts, that will all be done as part of the service.

The individual tenants will simply go onto the site for the utility billing services and create a login. This is a secure process that allows them to be uniquely associated with a meter or other utility service within the database. The service will generate a bill, the client goes online and creates an account, and then can pay securely using an approved payment method, typically major credit cards as well as eChecks, Google Pay and PayPal.

In addition, each community manager will have his or her own login with the utility billing services as well. This provides full information as to the status of the account with the service.


For both community managers as well as tenants, the utility billing services automated payment and online access is ideal. Not only can bills be paid immediately and 24/7, it is ease to look back on trends across the bills and to keep track of all types of payments handled by the billing services. This is a benefit for the tenants as well as they can be retrieved and printed as necessary with no need for storage of paper copies.

Top companies will provide community management for small and large multi-family properties, manufactured home parks, apartment buildings and other types of properties. With a single company handling all your utility billing services you, and your tenants, will have a much easier time in understanding utilities usage, paying bills online and on time, and staying current.

For all community property owners and managers, ABT Water Management’s utility billing services offers time and energy saving benefits.

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