Cool Mist Fans: Cool In More Ways Than One

On a hot night people turn on the air conditioner or bring out the fans. If you are outside, fans are used. They are placed on patios and decks; on porches and in backyards. They do not, however provide much relief. For this, you should consider purchasing cool mist fans.

Why Not Use Traditional Fans?

While traditional fans may appear to provide some relief, it is often in the imagination. In reality, unless the air is already cool, a traditional fan is simply blowing warm or hot air around. It is true that, except for a few models, they are relatively inexpensive, but if you really want to get cool, you need to look elsewhere. While air conditioning and HVAC may be out of your range, you might want to look at the availability and effectiveness of cool mist fans.

What Are Cool Mist Fans?

Cool mist fans are devices that are designed to circulate the air in a manner that provides cool air and not simply less hot air. It accomplishes this by releasing into the air of its perimeters a very fine water mist. The fan, similar to the typical blade fan, acts as a distributor of the mist through water propulsion. Yet, because the droplets of water are so small, cool mist fans cool the air without drenching or even wetting the people and objects within its range.

The cooling effect is confined to a specific area. This is the range within which the cool mist fans are placed. The size required needs to reflect the usage and the space to be misted.

Why Choose Cool Mist Fans Over Other Systems?
While cool mist systems are effective for large areas in commercial and industrial facilities as well as at sporting or other entertainment events, cool mist fans are more suited for smaller areas. They can be ideal for a back yard, a patio or front or back porch. While size works in the favor, the reasons why cool mist fans may be selected over other systems has to do with various factors:

* Effectiveness: Cool mist fans are more effective in outdoor situations where cool air is desirable but air conditioners are not possible and traditional fans are ineffective
* Cost: This type of misting system is less expensive than air conditioning. Overall, they are quite cost-effective
* Versatility: Portable cool mist fans are available for placement in just about anywhere. They can be used both indoors and outdoors effectively

Cool Mist Fans

Cool mist fans provide your guests and family with the type of atmosphere they can enjoy relaxing in when the weather is hot and humid. These devices are able to provide relief from the heat cost-effectively. In more ways than one, cool mist fans are exactly that – cool.

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