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Aluminum extrusions come in many shapes and sizes – in fact the limit is usually only the designer’s imagination. Custom aluminum extrusions are simple to create and that makes them affordable. For greener minded construction firms, aluminum is also easy to recycle, making it a perfect fit for not only a huge range of construction processes but for the 21st century as well.

Aluminum extrusions

Extrusions are shaped aluminum objects which are produced by heating the material to high temperatures and then forcing them into a die. Custom aluminum extrusions are easy to create and dies are inexpensive to create, model or change. Starting life as cylindrical bars of aluminum (known as billets), extrusions can be created as alloys with other metals such as copper and manganese, to offer specific qualities depending on the location the finished product is required for. Adding other metals to the mix can change the conductivity or strength of the finished product, while retaining lightweight qualities inherent in aluminum. Once the objects have been created and moved from the mold they are usually stretched to straighten them, a process which also hardens the finished product. Further hardening is accomplished by air or oven drying to age the aluminum or alloy. Once completed, the process results in a durable, lightweight and easy to transport component for a huge range of construction purposes.

Widespread uses

Extrusions are used in many different industries; as mentioned above the recyclable nature of the material is ensures it is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry and its lightweight qualities have long meant that it has found uses in the construction, motor, aviation and space industries. Most vehicles today are manufactured using aluminum extrusions including cars, planes, trains and boats. It has proved particularly useful in the space industry and has been used in many out-of-this-world settings, including the International Space Station. In more down-to-earth settings, many household appliances are also constructed using aluminum as it’s a strong material but lightweight.

Extrusion suppliers

Today, the process of aluminum extrusion is widely used and aluminum extrusion suppliers are to be found in most parts of the world. Finding an experienced supplier is the most appropriate option, as they will have the knowledge and technology required to create exactly the product you need.

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