The Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance in Wichita Kansas

Having a heat pump in good working order Is important the whole year, but when it is frigidly cold outside a working heat pump is critical to maintaining your comfort. The only way to make sure that your heat pump is good working order before the frigid temperatures of winter moves in is by having your unit regularly maintained and repaired by a professional. Trying to do your repairs and maintenance on your heat pump will end up costing you more money in the long run. Instead of risking the life of your unit and a large repair bill due to inexperience, you need to call in a professional who has experience in your brand of unit. Here are a few types of Heat Pump Maintenance in Wichita Kansas.

Airflow Inspection

One of the first things that a professional HVAC company will do when maintaining a heat pump is inspect the ducts and the air flow of the system. If the air flow is restricted, then the unit has to work even harder to produce the heat. Usually the restricted air flow is due to a dirty air filter, which needs to be changed out at least every two months. If the air flow is still restricted after changing the air filter, then the repair technician will need to dig deeper to find the problem immediately.

Check for Leaks

Another vital part of Heat Pump Maintenance in Wichita Kansas is checking for leaks around the duct work and in the pump itself. If the unit is leaking, then it will need to be fixed immediately due to the level of carbon monoxide that can be emitted. High levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal to you and your family, so be sure to have your unit properly maintained on a regular basis to check for leaks.

If you find yourself in need of Heat Pump Maintenance in Wichita, then be sure to contact the professionals at Kelley and Dawson Service. They have the experience needed to make sure that you heat pump is in good working order.

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