Personalized Sympathy Gifts that Say “I miss you”

A picture says a thousand words. A thousand words are not enough to say goodbye. A million words can never be enough to let go of the one that you love and bury them. A billion are not enough to find the strength to throw petals on the grave of the one your soul recognizes as friend and lover. In days like these, it is important to say goodbye from the gut. It is important to say goodbye in a manner that is personal and echoes the great loss and shattered spirit. When the spirit mourns, give it words. Give it an expression, allow it to mourn.

Personalized sympathy gifts help one to mourn straight from the gut. Rather than camouflaging the broken spirit, they allow it to be bruised beyond measure. Personalized gifts echo to the world “I lost a loved one! I lost a soulmate! Here lies my bosom friend!” They scream out “Alas!” and mourn in a manner that cannot be harnessed. They allow you to cry without tears and mourn all over again in a tongue that cannot be rehearsed. They are not only expressions of mourning, but steps aimed at healing. They are directed at expressing grief that longs to be whole.

One cannot cry without wanting to be healed. In a time when there is nothing more to be said, allow gentle and delicate gifts to remind you that love is stronger than death! Love is stronger than hate. Love is stronger than the numbing feeling that you may be experiencing now. Love is stronger than night and love is none other than day. Love cannot be contained, it can never be bottled down. Allow the love that you shared to be expressed in personalized sympathy gifts that you can refer to in days, months and years to come. Allow love to carry you to a level that cannot be lost in the here and now.

Sometimes the best way to say “I miss you” is in the silence that can never be expressed in the form of words. Find gifts that long to be seen, find gifts that refuse to be sidelined. A broken spirit cannot be fixed by more brokenness. Love always conquers pain. Surround yourself with more love. Let the love fill your core and find an expression in a way that cannot be duplicated by mock emotion. Right here in the here and now, there is a perfect gift to help you mourn, grieve and strive towards wholeness. There is a gift waiting to usher you from utter brokenness into a direction aimed at healing. No gift can heal the pain of losing a loved one, but a fond memory can make you smile.

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