Looking for tips to keep your pa3534u-1brs in Shape?

After you buy a pa3534u-1brs model laptop battery, what do you do in order to ensure it lasts as long as possible? In a world where people often search for the best value possible for every product they buy, it has become highly important to make sure the laptop battery you purchase gives you what you need – and then some.

Anybody who owns a laptop computer is well aware that the battery has typically been one thing you simply can’t control. When you need the power of a laptop battery most – it never fails that the power goes dead. And when this occurs, it’s very critical for people to have some sort of back-up or AC plug in order to complete their critical work. But, what happens if you don’t have access to these assets? This is the primary reason why anybody who buys a new laptop battery should be aware of tips to keep their battery running as long as possible.

Here are some of our favorite simple things you can do which can extend the life of your pa3534u-1brs battery.

Keep it Cool

Just like any other battery, the cooler the batter is kept – the longer the charge will hold in the battery. This also has an impact on whether or not the battery will last longer when it has the ability to be charged consistently. When a laptop battery is hot, the internal battery parts will expand, and when this happens, the ability for the battery to maintain a positive charge reduces. Most laptop batteries hold their charge for about 500 charges. This means, that every time you charge the battery, it is being worn out simply because that is what batteries are designed to do in the first place.

Keeping the Laptop battery cool is simply a great way to make sure that the battery gets the charge it needs in a full capacity.

Take it Out When Not Needed

Another great way to allow your pa3534u-1bs battery to last longer is to remove your laptop battery if your laptop is plugged into a wall outlet. As stated above this will keep the battery cool and not potentially overheat. Remember, your laptop might be smart, but it can’t stop charging a battery when it is plugged into an AC power source. This will cause the battery to heat up, expand and sometimes even rupture.

Charge it all the way before using the battery

Any laptop battery needs to hold a complete charge before you use them. The problem is that most laptop batteries are shipped to the customers with little to zero charge in them. So, you’ve got to make sure to plug it in and charge it 100% prior to use. Most laptop batteries require a full 12 hours to charge them initially.

When you are looking for tips on how to keep your pa3534u-1brs laptop battery running great, simply follow the above rules to keep it running cool as possible.

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