Packing Breakables: Tips From Moving Companies In Oklahoma City

One of the best ways to ensure your breakable items arrive at your destination safely and sound is to hire packing services from top moving companies in Oklahoma City.

The Packers hired by the best moving companies in Oklahoma City have training and experience in packing all types of breakables from your kitchen dishes and crystal through to figurines, collectables and virtually anything else which can be easily damaged.

Sometimes people prefer to pack the contents of their homes on their own. In this situation, it is well worth considering tips on how to correctly pack breakables from the various moving companies in Oklahoma City. By implementing these techniques in your wrapping, boxes and packing you can help to reduce the risk of breakage during transport.

Use the Right Packing Materials

Having new, sturdy boxes and using the right packing materials, including bubble wrap, can be very important in getting your breakables to your new home in one piece. All moving companies in Oklahoma City use these materials to ensure the vibration and movement of the boxes in the truck, even though only minor, will not contribute to breakage.

Wrap every item separately in both packing paper and then bubble wrap. Tape the bubble wrap closed and in place. If you are packing plates use a special box that has sleeves to allow the plates to be stacked vertically and not horizontally for transport.

Tips for Boxing Breakables

Another tip from moving companies in Oklahoma City is to pack wrapped breakable items carefully in the box together. Try to keep items that are about the same size and weight in the same box, or pack larger objects at the bottom and lighter, smaller breakables at the top. Use bubble wrap or packing “peanuts” in between each layer.

It is far better to pack multiple small boxes than one or two larger boxes. Avoid packing too many breakables into a box as this can contribute to damage.


If you pack in advance, you can help the moving companies in Oklahoma City to clearly identify your boxes by adding fragile item stickers available through the moving company or at any packing supply or general office supply retailer. These stickers are typically bright red with large lettering to clearly identify the contents of the box as fragile.

Another simple step to ensure the moving companies in Oklahoma City see the fragile boxes is to put them all in one specific area. This will allow the movers to know to pack those boxes on the top or in a secure area of the load for safe transport.