Does your Sales Team Make these Five Common Mistakes?

by | May 7, 2015 | Career and Education

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Sales Training Speakers focus on a number of common mistakes sales people make that can lead to lost opportunities. Once a sales lead is in the palm of your sales team’s hand, let’s hope they are not making these five common mistakes that could cost them the sale:

1. Not Asking Questions: Often a sales call involves meeting a group or single representative at the client’s office where they explain what they need. However if your sales team isn’t asking the right questions, they will miss the opportunity to distinguish your product or service from the competition. By listening to the client, you are on the right track. However asking probing questions that delve deeper will find the true problem you are primed to solve.

2. Talking instead of Listening: If your sales approach is to send your sales team in with a big presentation in the hopes this will seal the deal, then they are dead in the water. Again, who you are presenting to and what they have to say is far more important then your presentation. A sales team that doesn’t listen and insists on doing all the talking is actually ruining their chances with every word they utter. The client should do the majority of the talking so you can glean much-needed info to target problem-solving opportunities that they need addressed.

3. Expecting No Resistance: The sales person who believes they are going to make a sale because they are a smooth talker is a fool. You will always come up against resistance therefore you have to be armed with true, hard data that makes it difficult to protest against. Research into the client’s company and where their issues lie can be backed up by data that is indisputable. This is where the sales come in, not through snake charming tactics.

4. Not Problem Solving: If your sales team is not trained to think on their feet they will more than likely fail. Stop thinking about your team as sellers and instead think of them as problem solvers. View them as consultants who go into a meeting to listen and then advise.

5. Unable to make Decisions: Your team should be able to make decisions on the spot that will direct clients to the right product to solve a problem with knowledgeable advice that does not come across as selling. They should be armed with authority to decide on pricing to negotiate effectively without having to go back and ask you.

Sales training speakers understand these five issues make or break sales.

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