Need Dental Care? Call the Emergency Dentist in Clayton

The emergency dental care at Forest Park Dental offers a wide range of services today. Gone are the days when you had to make an appointment with one dentist who specialized in sedation for the extraction of teeth and another appointment if a patient required treatment for periodontal disease. Today, dentists offer preventative care and cosmetic care, which includes teeth whitening procedures, implants and root canals. For those patients who have ill-fitting dentures, dentists offer the alternative of implants that dentures can be attached to which will enable the patient to chew more effectively.

Today, dental care is about knowing each patient instead of just fixing a tooth until next time. It’s about taking time to understand that each patient has a dream of obtaining the most beautiful smile he/she can without being ashamed of crooked or yellow teeth. The dentist takes time to go over a patient’s health questionnaire, making sure of medications they’re taking or if they have health problems such as heart murmurs. It’s about taking time for an associate to go over methods of payment so that each patient has an alternative and options available in order to have the care they need.

Teeth should last a lifetime and the Emergency Dentist at Forest Park Dental in Clayton does so much more than dealing with toothaches or sports accidents. The dentist you choose to be your family dentist will X-ray your teeth and examine the entire mouth and gums. The dental hygienists will clean teeth thoroughly and report any findings to the dentist who will then talk to you and explain what he/she thinks you should do first. Once you have your financial ability taken care of, whether it be dental insurance, programs for care, cash or major credit card, it’s time for action.

You may need an implant if you have a missing tooth. You may need invisalign braces which are almost invisable to others and are very popular with those out working that do not want to call attention to braces. Properly fitting dentures are a must for those who want to enjoy eating apples and steak in comfort without pain. From veneers to bridges to teeth whitening, the Emergency Dentist in Clayton will make sure you have the best care available.