Effective Use of Poly Tarps

A poly tarp is a sheet that is made from strong material such as polyester or a fabric of nylon mesh. The term poly tarp is the short form of polyethylene tarpaulin, often abbreviated as P.E. Polyethylene is the plastic material that is used to coat the polyester or nylon material. The resultant sheet is waterproof and durable. Poly Tarps are highly popular, owing to their versatility and multi-functional capabilities. Some uses of poly tarps include:

* Coverings for pools

* Motorcycle and boat tarps

* Barbecue covers

* Truck tarps. These are designed to be extremely heavy duty and effective in covering and protecting truck loads.

* Tents and canopies

* Lumber tarps whose purpose is to provide covering for lumber while it is being transported either by rail or by truck.

* Hay trucks to cover bales of hay, and so on.

Generally, the main purpose of poly tarps and covers is to protect your property from the elements such as rain, snow, wind and sunlight as well as providing protection against dust. This is not limited to boats and motorcycles, but rather extends to automobiles as well. In cases where, for one reason or other, you may not need to use your car for a prolonged period, you are advised to cover it with a poly tarp. This applies even when you are leaving it parked in a garage. The tarp ensures that you find your car the way you left it as opposed to coming back to a dust-covered car whose upholstery is faded and the paint is scratched.

In order to effectively provide protection from sunlight, poly tarps are usually UV treated on each side. Besides this, they act as great ground sheets when you need to protect your floor when painting your walls or getting some other work done in the building. This way, the tarp catches any drops of paint that may drip or spill. During camping, poly tarps are great for setting up as tents. As long as the setting up process is done correctly, the tarp keeps the weather elements out while its occupants remain warm and dry.