Millions of Dollars are saved by Yards that Salvage Auto parts

by | Mar 22, 2012 | Automotive

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The US saves millions of dollars in resources and oil from the recycling of auto parts by salvage yards. Recyclers make money for themselves and also save the consumers millions in supplying inexpensive alternatives to new components. Recycling keeps a flood of dangerous toxins like mercury entering the environment and polluting the ground water. Salvage of old vehicles reduces the burden on landfills by re-using solid waste. Ferrous alloys and non-ferrous metals like brass, aluminum and copper are retrieved from the car bodies and components. Consider the following statistics and judge how valuable the car recycling industry is to the economy and environment:

1. Using second hand car parts from salvage yards instead of purchasing new components saves the US an estimated 80 million barrels of oil annually. That oil would have been used in the manufacture of the new parts.

2. The quantity of toxic oils and fuels retrieved by recyclers is equivalent to eight Exxon Valdez disasters annually. Mercury, Freon, toxic battery fluids etc. are extremely harmful to the environment. Their safe and scientific disposal from a recycling yard would prevent them seeping into the groundwater and poisoning it.

3. An estimated 80% by weight of an end of life car can effectively be reused, re-manufactured or recycled.

4. Salvage of auto parts is the sixteenth largest industry in the US and supplies 37% of all ferrous scrap to the scrap processing industry.

5. Auto recycling keeps insurance costs down by buying wrecked vehicles from insurance companies, allowing the recycling of quality parts with the insurance companies able to recover some of their money.

6. Auto salvage industry clears the nation’s highways of abandoned and damaged vehicles

7. When yards salvage auto parts, the process is effective in reducing pollution. According to the EPA, usage of scrap iron and steel by mills instead of ore resulted in an 86% decline in air pollution, 76% fall in water pollution and 105% decrease in solid waste. Instead of weighing down landfills with old, disused vehicles, they are now recycled and components find use in other vehicles.

Some recyclers offer warranties so you can be reassured of the quality and life of the components. The recyclers only stock quality components that have been tested by their technicians before being inventoried. With ready stock of auto parts sourced from thousands of vehicles, most recyclers have impressive stocks. When you need a component pay a visit to contractors who salvage auto parts. Nashville residents would find a range of top quality used auto parts from recyclers in the area.




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