Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Looking For A Lawyer

by | Mar 22, 2012 | Legal Advice

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is mainly for the working man. Corporations, limited liability and partnership companies cannot usually file for this bankruptcy. A person who wants to file for Chapter 13 must have a a regular income enough to pay off his/her debts to the creditors. There are a lot of people who know little about what Chapter 13 is all about. Therefore, for both advice and filing of the case, one needs a competent bankruptcy lawyer who will be able to understand and deal with the case easily. A good lawyer should be able to brief you about both the positive and negative aspects of your case. He/she is the ideal person whom you can approach for help.

You might not understand the complexities of Chapter 13. Only an experienced lawyer will be able to help you with the correct information and details. At the same time, your lawyer will file your case. You should be comfortable enough to provide all your financial details with him/her. You must be honest and share everything to help your lawyer file the case most efficiently.

When searching for a lawyer to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, here are some things you need to look for:

  1. You must choose a lawyer who is qualified and educated from a renowned university.Your lawyer should have the capability to fulfill your requirements. He/she should be well established and experienced to offer services.

  1. The attorney should be licensed and certified. It is illegal to practice law without proper licensing and certification. As a client, you should check all these first, before you can make the next move.

  1. The attorney should have a good reputation in the market. He/she should be well known for good and competent services. If you can, approach some of the lawyer’s ex-clients to know as much as you can about his/her services. Ask them how satisfied they were with the lawyer’s work.

  1. You must choose a lawyer only after you have had a discussion with him/her. This will help you to know if the lawyer is at all suitable for you.

  1. Your lawyer should be highly professional, punctual and disciplined while handling all cases. He/she should be able to attend to all your needs, do proper research and meet deadlines.

When looking for a lawyer who will fight the case of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Conyers, GA residents should find the above article helpful.


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