IP PBX Phone Systems – For Highly Efficient Intra-Company Communication

PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a traditional telephone network which is used for business phone communications. All the internal phones in an organization are connected for easy communications. This network of internal phone lines is connected to external lines allowing users within the network to place and receive calls using the system. So, PBX phone systems are comprehensive telephony solutions which create a network of interlinked intra-company phones and connect this network to PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network.

Types of PBX Systems
There are different types of PBX phone systems available today. You can choose among conventional PBX system or the newer IP PBX system and hosted IP PBX systems. As the names indicate, you either choose to manage your communications on real telephone lines or choose internet calls through the IP communication system. Also, you have a choice between managing your communications within your company and outsourcing the management task to hosting providers. You can choose the kind of service depending on the requirements of your business. In the present times, an IP PBX is in vogue because of better communications efficiency and since it saves significant communications cost for the company. By using an in house IP PBX, you can perform more secure operations which conventional lines or hosted systems do not offer.

Advantages of PBX phone systems
The benefits offered by PBX phone systems are numerous. Here are the major benefits which have tilted the balance in favor of these systems.

1. Overall telecommunications cost is reduced because employees within the network can communicate freely among themselves using the system

2. The system comes with a number of features which can be customized based on your requirements. You can queue calls for sales support, make conference calls, record calls, use voicemail and enjoy a number of other features. Integration of complex features and applications is easily possible

3. If your company expands, PBX systems can be easily expanded without complex re-installations, re-buying or any other pricey process

4. The IP PBX system occupies a small space on your rack. You save tremendous space, energy and bulky add-ons when expanding the system. This all comes down to major cost savings on your telecommunications bill.

5. These systems are software based and do not require any dependency on proprietary hardware. Simple system upgrades provide endless new features in features and capabilities, without incurring much downtime. The return on investment comes within a short period of time.

6. IP PBX phone systems seamlessly and transparently integrate with any existing data network and pass voice traffic just the same data traffic. Mobility functions are great for companies with telecommuting workforce who operates on the field. One can leverage the same features wherever they are, in the office or on the road and even integrate communication capabilities on their mobile phone.

7. The IP PBX is the best option for making cost effective site to site calls where voice traffic is routed over the Internet or Intranet without incurring any cost! This plays really well for companies with offices spread across the globe.

Like you can see, the efficiency of managing your business calls is greatly enhanced with the multifunctional character of PBX telephony systems. With latest technologies being incorporated into the system, intra-business communication is becoming more simplified and efficient by the day. Investing on a PBX system can pay off huge dividends.

Perivue Networks offers effective IP PBX phone systems. The company helps you with all aspects of your company’s communication needs, from installation to providing the required services and support for IP PBX. Besides IP PBX, Perivue also provides several other end to end communication solutions.

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