Hiring a Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer Is a Smart Move

Climbing the corporate ladder is a goal many people seek to achieve as they enter into the workforce. Some ladders may be easier to climb than others. While in the process of climbing these ladders, several employers require their new employees to sign a non-compete agreement contract as a condition of their employment.  This is the point when a person may want to consider the professional services of a non-compete agreement lawyer.

Why Hire a Non-Compete Agreement?

These agreements are meant to keep an employee or contractor from competing with the employer’s business for a certain time after an employee resigns, quits or is fired from the company. These contracts are not necessarily complicated, but it is smart to have a skilled non-compete agreement lawyer look over the terms of the agreement before signing. A person can never be too careful when it comes to agreements concerning the livelihood of their skills and profession since this type of contract somewhat owns the rights to your skills for a period of time.

Qualities of an Effective Non-Compete Agreement

Some of the qualities of an effective non-compete agreement contract is that the period of the agreement cannot be too long a period of time. These usually last no more than two to three years at the most. Another quality to look for is the employer must give the employee something of value in return for not competing with their business, which usually means the job itself is of value. It can also mean an additional amount of money paid to the employee, which is always a great perk. Most courts also don’t want an individual to be forced out of a profession or employment so if an individual has been doing that type of work for many years and the non-compete agreement is holding that individual from finding work in the same field, the agreement is usually not enforced or honored. These contract agreements must also stay within a reasonable region and not be too broad since putting in a clause that covers the entire state or country is ridiculous and most certainly would not hold up in a court of law.

These are many of the factors an experienced non-compete agreement lawyer looks for while dealing with employer non-compete agreements. If any of the above factors come up in regard to an agreement, a good contract lawyer can spot it, validate or invalidate it and move forward.

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