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Air conditioners are an investment of time, effort and dollars. There are many options in the area but it is a must to look for a reliable and proven air conditioner service in Oklahoma City. You can research online or get referrals from friends and families but let up first look at what kind of cost does it entail?

Air Conditioner Service, Oklahoma City – Central AC Cost of Installation

The installation cost can vary greatly depending upon if you are adding the unit to a pre-existing duct system from a forced hot air heating system or if a new duct work is required. The cost goes up significantly in the second case. The average cost for the install work can vary from $3K to $15K. It is recommended to get professionals for the install work. It is extremely necessary to research for the right contractor. If you already have an existing duct system, it will take around $3000 – $4500 and two technicians to complete the job in three days. If you need new ducts then the cost and effort doubles but an experienced contractor can do creative work with adding ducts behind the walls.

Air Conditioner Service, Oklahoma City – Installation Cost Breakdown

The basic breakdown is as follows:
* Contractor –This is the main company/ individual hired to do the install.

* Subcontractor – The contractor might hire a subcontractor to complete the electrical or duct work.

* Labor – An extra hand to complete the work with the contractor and the subcontractor

* Material – Many materials will be needed apart from the main unit, like, coolant, ducts, tanks, nitrogen etc.

* Home size and status – A qualified license company will help the owner to assess the cost based on the home size, insulation of the house and how effective it is, condition of existing ducts if they can be re-used, shade falling on the house and air flow inside.

The right contractor can even help you select the air conditioner unit that fits your requirement based upon the area that needs to be cooled.

Air Conditioner Service, Oklahoma City – Room air conditioner cost

The cost for room air-conditioner depends upon the packaging according to its placement:

* Window – mounted: They range from $100-$300 for a smaller 150-400 sq ft area and $400 or more for larger area.

* Through the wall – Slightly more expensive than the window mounted, their cost range from $250-$600 for 150-400 sq ft area. The installation cost is quite low with $175 estimated and the store where you bought the unit from will probably offer to include installation.

* Portable residential units – Their price range can vary from $400 to $650 for 450sq ft of the area.

Window air conditioners can by a do it yourself installation. A through the wall can be done by do it yourself plan but it generally requires higher expertise. Portables don’t require installation.