Free and Clear: Drain Cleaning in Arlington VA

Nothing says “Christmas” like needing drain cleaning in Arlington VA!  Picture it: everyone is gathered at Grandma’s condominium in Shirlington. There’s only one bathroom, and your nephew, who’s just mastered the finer points of toilet training, has been a bit too enthusiastic about wiping and has used much too much toilet paper, resulting in a clog that won’t quit. A plumber has needed to be called in on an emergency basis while folks are shuffling their feet after too much turkey and ham.
Of course occasional emergencies are unavoidable, but there are ways to protect all your pipes generally from needing drain cleaning in Arlington VA.
In the case of kitchen sinks, avoid rinsing food debris into sinks that do not have a garbage disposal. Rubber traps can be set right over the drain to catch bits of food before they reach the pipe. Similar traps are available to catch hair in shower and bath drains, too.
Enzyme-based cleaners can be used to clear your pipes of debris before they start showing signs of being clogged. Used once a month, these cleaners can clear the pipes and even keep garbage disposals from acquiring unpleasant odors.  Washing soda can also be used for pipe maintenance if the pipes are not made of PVC. It is more effective on hair than are enzyme-based cleaners for drain cleaning in Arlington VA.
If your drain does become clogged in spite of maintenance or if you’ve been remiss in maintaining pipes, it might be possible to unclog the drain yourself. The same enzyme cleaner you use for maintenance can be used to dislodge a clog. If the clog is due to hair, though, washing soda, as mentioned above, is a better solution. You can also use baking soda followed by vinegar; the two create a foam that can wear away at the clog. This method is best used before the clog causes standing water, though.
Don’t forget the old clog-clearing standby: your plunger!  Small plungers, perfect for sinks, are readily available and are a good first choice for clearing clogs on your own.
If the methods you’ve tried for drain cleaning in Arlington VA have failed, a professional plumber or drain cleaning service can be called into action. It will have the proper tools for clearing your clogs no matter the source: food, hair, even tree roots.  Good plumbing ​companies, like other service companies, are licensed, bonded, and insured. You can check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure proper responses to customer complaints. Timely help from a professional can make all the difference for comfort and convenience when you need drain cleaning in Arlington VA.

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