Ideas for a Roman Bath Design Boise

If there was a civilization that made the bathing experience luxurious, it was the romans. Their bath designs were elaborate as well as functional and as such, are still popular to date. If you are looking to inject some freshness to your bathroom, you should contemplate ideas for a roman bath design. Here are some of the options that you could consider for your bath design Boise.
1. Remodeling from the floor: The bath design should not only be restricted to the fixtures and the tub. Start off by considering the floor of the bathroom. Roman baths typically comprised of stone floors or tile floors. When it comes to modern design, you could substitute this with marble or granite floors. One way that the romans made the floors luxurious would be by ensuring that they were heated. This was done through the placement of hollow brick used for heating under the roman bath floors. In this day and age, you can achieve the same feel by incorporating radiant in floor heating in your bath remodel. One thing to note though is that this may have an impact on your utility bills. However, if you have a flexible budget it would be a great way of updating your floors from conventional cold tiles.

2. Remodel the tub: One of the most essential things when it comes to a roman bath is the tub. Traditionally in roman bath design, the tub would be carved out of marble and covered in mosaic tiles to make it aesthetically appealing. When installing a Romanesque tub, keep in mind that these were typically installed at the side of the wall and were not the centerpiece of the room. If the space in your bathroom is minimal thus not giving you the allowance that you would need for one of these tubs, consider simply updating the look of your current tub. You could engage in this bath design Boise by simply having the current tub surrounded by mosaic tiles so as to give it more of a roman feeling to it.

3. Use colors and texture: One of the characteristics of Roman bathrooms was the use of color as well as texture. Roman bathrooms had warm earth tones. You could have a look at different types of roman architecture so as to get a feel of the clouts that were commonly used as well as the textures that were popular. In addition to this, contrast was a technique used when it came to the use of color by the romans. Consider incorporating some bold colors in your bath design that will contrast with lighter pastel colors.

If you would like to make the most of your roman bath design, consider incorporating some accessories such as a pillar with a sculpture or a vase atop it. These small additions could make your bathroom seem more authentic.

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom, you should take a look at roman bath design in Boise which  add the touch of elegance which you have always been looking for. If you would like more ideas on roman bath design Boise then visit our website.

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