Connect to the Office from Anywhere with the ShoreTel Phone System

Simplicity, efficiency and reliability are the three most important factors to any business today. Companies that spend useless time on mundane tasks that could be handled in other ways with greater ease results in decreased productivity and profits. Allowing a reputable communications company employ the ShoreTel phone system to handle all your applications, as well as your users, with one central system is the best way to increase your productivity and profits.

Simplicity Is the Best Solution

Business today encompasses many technological advances, including mobile phones, laptop computers and tablets. With all these components also come employees who span the globe. Whether your employees travel, are constantly in and out of the office making sales calls or they all work virtually, having one central location for all your data needs is the simplest solution. Every employee can have a virtual office and be “plugged in” wherever they are. This allows for greater communication between employees and supervisors, making the business run more smoothly.

Cost Efficiency Increases Profits

Phone systems that are handled in-house carry many hefty costs with them. With several contracts between several different carriers, dedicated staff to handle the systems and a multitude of tools to manage those systems, in-house systems can be costly and unproductive. Simplifying into one integrated system that handles all your data communications in one place with one company overseeing the entire process, your costs are greatly reduced by needing less equipment and fewer staff members to oversee your communications.

A Single System that Can Expand

With an in-house system, expanding means more in-depth processes and greater labor involved. This reduces productivity and increases costs. Employing a ShoreTel phone system that simply expands through plug and play integrations and minor changes by the communications company by pressing a few buttons enables you to expand effortlessly.

Increased Productivity

The single web-based interface of the ShoreTel phone system allows everyone to seamlessly operate their phone and data devices, whether they are in the office or out on the road. Everyone in the office can still communicate as if they were all together, and customers can reach your employees through the same methods as if all your employees were in the office at the same time. There is no need for out-of-office messages, scheduling in-person conferences or employing a large IT staff to handle any data issues.

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