How to Seek Damages for Dog Bites

by | Feb 7, 2012 | Legal Advice

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Who doesn’t love pets? However tolerant we may be of domestic animals that live amidst us, they still remain the cause for many serious personal injuries in the United States every year. Dogs are involved in more biting incidents than other animals. Every year, almost 4.7 million people are inflicted with dog bites. Most frequently children of the age group 5-9 years are attacked and injured. Some 800,000 people seek medical assistance as a result of dog bites and more than 50% of them are children. In over half incidents, the occurrence takes place on the dog owner’s property. States have individual laws that determine the liability of the owner to an animal bite. If you or a loved one has suffered an animal bite consult a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation.

States like Illinois permit a victim of an animal attack to claim for their injuries from the animal’s owner. The injured party does not have to prove negligence for compensation. Homeowners and renters insurance cover liability from such cases. Vicious animals and other dangerous dogs must be properly muzzled with a leash and kept in a fenced enclosure. Failure to do so can invoke legal action.

Of almost 5 million Americans that are bitten by dogs every year, only about 16,000 receive compensation from insurance payments. Many victims do not pursue cases or are unaware of their legal rights. Most personal injury lawyers will not charge a victim unless the victim receives some financial settlement from insurance. If you or your child has been bitten by an animal, seek medical attention immediately. Keep all records and evidence of the attack. Contact a lawyer who handles personal injury cases. They also handle animal bite claims. The lawyer will gather evidence to prove that:

* The dog was the cause of the injury

* The defendant was the dog owner

* The attack by the dog was not provoked by the victim

* The injured person was behaving in a peaceful and non-threatening manner when the injury occurred

* The injured party was legally permitted to be on the premises or site of the attack at the time it happened.

Other animal control laws like leash laws are also strictly implemented in many states. If you are oblivious of your rights contact an experienced lawyer to find the laws for your state pertaining to dog bites. Chicago residents can contact personal injury attorneys that will represent victims free of charge until the victim gets compensation.

Dog Bites

Dog Bites