A Close Look At The Salient Aspects Of Cases Involving Trucking Accidents

by | Feb 7, 2012 | Automotive

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The numbers say it all! Yes, here is a reason to smile for all those people who have been worrying sick about road accidents. This is because there seems to be an improvement in driving habits of people in general. Did you know the number of highway deaths dropped to 32,885 in 2011, a number that is the lowest since 1949. Deaths due to drunken driving has also dropped to 4.9%. So, apparently, attorneys specializing in personal injury due to road accidents seem to have less job on hands, right? Wrong! They may have lesser number of cases to handle compared to previous years. There might also have been a sharp decrease in the demand for road accident lawyers, but there are more numbers that you have to know before reaching a definite conclusion!

To begin with, the United States Department Of Transportation have put forward an estimate which says that around 500,000 truck accidents occur annually. Out of these accidents, 75% of the accidents are due to the fault of the driver of the passenger vehicle, while 16% of the accidents are due to negligence of the truck drivers involved. 5,000 people are killed annually. In 98% of these trucking accidents, the driver of the other vehicle is killed. So you see, trucking accidents have not actually reduced. And it is handling trucking accidents that lawyers and attorneys face the greatest challenge. Here is a close look at how trucking accidents turn out to be serious legal challenges for attorneys.

To begin with, the types of injuries that victims of such mishaps suffer are usually quite serious. These include traumatic brain injuries, burns and scarring, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and severed or fractured limbs. In most cases, the medical treatment involved is expensive, and therefore, poses serious financial challenges for the family of the victim. It is only with the services of an experienced lawyer, that the family of a victim of trucking accident will be able to recover the compensation they need to overcome the crisis. In cases of trucking accidents, as in the cases of all other types of road accidents, it is important to extract the maximum recovery as is possible through legal trials.

Remember, your lawyer needs to be highly experienced in order to succeed in court. Therefore, when looking to fight a personal injury case involving trucking accidents, Cook County area residents must go for the services of well established attorneys operating in their area to be able to succeed in court.

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