How to Decide on the Right Funeral Flowers in Estero, FL

A funeral is a hard time for a family, and sending flowers is a meaningful gesture to express your condolences. Sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to sending an arrangement, but that is something that can be easily helped. The best way to make the decision is by understanding what kind of arrangement, type of flower, and even color is appropriate when selecting funeral flowers in Estero, FL.

What Kind of Arrangement Should You Choose?

The great thing about floral shops is that they can provide you with a variety of arrangements, and you can opt for any type of arrangement based on the occasion.


A wreath is a beautiful and appropriate arrangement for funerals. The circular pattern is meant to symbolize the circle of life. In addition, it is also quite convenient to carry or place at the funeral service.


There are varying sizes of basket arrangements that you can choose from. A basket bouquet is beautiful and easy to transport, while also being convenient to place around the casket. If you can’t visit a florist in person, several shops, such as Heaven Scent Flowers, offer online shopping on their websites where you can choose from a range of premade bouquets.

What Kind of Flowers Should You Choose?


Deep red or white roses are some of the most popular flowers to send someone and make the perfect funeral flowers in Estero, FL. Roses are a perfect way to express your condolences, love, and support for the family during a difficult time.


White lilies are a symbol of mourning for someone’s passing, and you will typically find them at funerals.


These are inexpensive flowers that work well if you’d like to send someone a large bouquet. White and pink carnations symbolize loss and remembrance and are especially suitable for funerals.

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