The Four Key Traits of a Quality Constantia Florist

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Florist

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Residents in the Constantia area are treated to an array of different flower delivery companies. The problem is that none of these floral companies are created equal. To make sure that you’re hiring the best Constantia florist for your bouquet or arrangement, we at The Cape Town Florist have put together a list of key traits you need to look out for.

Trait #1: Floral Arrangements That Suit Your Tastes

When looking at floral design companies, make sure that the shop you choose offers a broad mix of designs and styles, many of which appeal to you and are suitable for your needs. Having a team of experts ensures that we are able to craft a variety of different and often fully customized floral arrangements to suit the style and tastes of the individual. Many flower delivery companies throughout Constantia, however, are smaller outfits with only one or two floral experts creating and designing their arrangements. This may limit the type of arrangements they can produce.

Trait #2: A Keen Interest in You and the Recipient

In order to produce the best quality and most personable arrangement possible, we ask customers an array of questions that help us get to know you better. We will want to know things like:

* What flowers you prefer
 * What colours do you enjoy
* What style of bouquets or arrangements interest you
* The reason why you’re ordering an arrangement

Once we have the answers to those questions and any other that will give us insight, we’ll be able to create a display that is tailored to you or your recipient’s specific wants and needs.

Trait #3: Makes Lots of Suggestions

What separates a good floral professional from a great one are the suggestions that he or she is able to make. Whether or not you have a clear vision in your mind of what you may like about your arrangement, an experienced professional will be able to make additional helpful suggestions. These suggestions:

* Help ensure that you or your loved one receive the freshest arrangement possible

* Enhance the appearance of the arrangement

* Can help you save money

Trait #4: A Physical Address

There are a growing number of “fly by night” florists in the Constantia area. While some may be reputable, a number of them are only temporary businesses with no physical address. These companies are set up to make as much money as possible before word gets out about their shoddy or inferior products.

Companies like The Cape Town Florist that have a physical address are serious about their craft.  We are accountable for the work that we do. Customers can step in and speak with our team of flower experts any time. In fact, we welcome it!