How to Choose the Right Dodge Dealer in Berwyn

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Automotive

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Deciding what type of car to buy is a major decision; in fact, next to buying a home, buying a car is the second biggest decision you can make. You have a vast number of manufacturers to choose from. Once you choose your manufacturer, you have many dealerships to choose from. How do you decide which Dodge dealer in Berwyn you should give your business to?

Talk Is Not Cheap

Definitely take the time to talk to others who have recently purchased a Dodge. Chances are they will be more than willing to talk about their experience. The majority of car buying experiences are either really good or really bad. No matter what area of the spectrum the people you know have been on, they will share the details with you if you ask. Ask how the salespeople treated them. Specifically ask if the salesperson hounded them until they made a decision or if he gave them the perfect amount of space to be there to answer their questions but enough room to talk privately among themselves. You should also ask how the negotiating went and how long the entire process took from walking in the door to delivery of the vehicle.

The People Make the Difference

Even if all Dodge dealerships look the same on the exterior, they are not the same inside. It is the people who work at the dealership that make the difference. There are many people involved in the car purchase. Aside from the obvious salesperson, you will have a sales manager, finance manager, porter and cashier involved in your transaction at a minimum. One or all of these people could make the experience enjoyable or a nightmare. When you talk to others, ask about the employees and how they handled their car purchase.


Before you step foot in any Dodge dealer in Berwyn, take the time to look online first. While online, you can check the cars the dealership has in stock, what their hours are and even get a price quote before stepping foot in the door. This will give you a better idea of what you are dealing with, allowing you to save time and possibly even money.

If you are searching for a Dodge dealer in Berwyn, make sure to do your research. Start online by researching the dealerships to determine their in-stock vehicles, what their pricing is and even make an appointment. From there, you should also talk to people you know to see what their experience was like to ensure you steer clear of any dealerships that only received negative reviews.


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