Exciting, New Team Building in Los Angeles

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Education

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Typical team building in Los Angeles has revolved around a pool party atmospheres or campfire themes to attempt to bring coworkers together. These kinds of experiences do little more than irritate people and waste time and money. What you need is a truly unique experience that tests your staff’s skills, while bringing them closer together.

Provide a Challenge

Look for a team building exercise that provides a mental and physical challenge. Using your chin to pass someone an orange doesn’t work the brain or create a sense of pride once completed. People don’t walk away from the experience noting their partners’ strengths. At best, no one is too embarrassed.

The latest team building in Los Angeles does give groups of employees goals to work toward together. These activities will take ingenuity to complete. They will take relying on one another to get things done. They will also give management a chance to see who has natural leadership abilities and who is more comfortable taking a back seat.

Team Building as Team Evaluation

As helpful as it is to build trust among your employees, the real promise of the latest team building in Los Angeles is the natural setting it provides management to assess employee work. It’s easy enough to fake certain qualities in an office setting. Someone can appear organized and reliable but fail miserably when they’re on the spot. Another worker may spend their time in the office in a support role, never getting credit for their own quick thinking or ingenuity. Seeing how they perform in the field can help you put them in a staff position where they will do the most good.

Signs of a Great Program

The days of shipping workers off to conferences and seminars are over. The short time these types of activities were effective has long since been over. Field day training camps are an annoyance to the majority of workers at best. At worst, they are a dreaded day people wind up fearing. They don’t want the embarrassment of losing a three-legged race or of not being able to complete an obstacle course.

Great programs offer up new activities that utilize office skills in an exciting way. One innovative company starts a training day out by forming teams and giving them a digital camera. Throughout the day, they’re sent text messages containing tasks to complete and clues they can use to advance in an office competition.

These fun activities for team building in Los Angeles really focus on employees working together toward a common goal without getting lost in the competition. Each portion of the activity is fun and memorable all on its own. That quality is what makes for a good training day. Smart managers take note of these types of changes and invest in more effective ways of improving employee interaction.