How to Add a Corset Back to Your Wedding Dress

by | Mar 23, 2013 | Shopping

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Many people like the look and the feel of a corset wedding dress. While you can still get the traditional wedding dress that either latches, buttons, or zips up the back, the idea of a corset wedding dress is gaining in popularity. A bride does not want to have to worry about if she has lost of gained a few pounds around her wedding day, which she is sure to have done with all of the stress that is going on around her in those final days, and with a corset wedding dress she will not have to worry about it. With how the corset wedding dress works she will be able to loosen or tighten up the dress to fit her needs, no matter if they are slightly different than they were when she went in to try on and fit the dress. Here are some ways that you can add a corset back to your wedding dress so that you can look your very best on this special day.

Making Loops

The first step of turning your dress into a corset wedding dress is to make the loops. You will want to find someone to help you in removing the zipper or buttons that are on the wedding dress, you will probably want to find a professional so that you do not ruin your wedding dress. Then find a few strands to sew on to the dress to act as little loops for the ribbon later on.

Add Modesty Panel

Now you will want to add a modestly panel to the back of your corset dress. This will help make the dress look more modest, you will not have a lot of back showing on your dress just because you added the corset to it. This panel will cover up everything just like the zipper did, but give you all of the modesty that you might need for a big church wedding. There are several ways that you can add this modesty panel, but again you might need the help of a professional to make sure that you are doing it right and will not ruin your dress.


The next step is to find the ribbon that you want to use on your corset wedding dress. There are so many options that you can choose to use here. You can pick any type of fabric to use as the ribbon, and can even use different colors. If your wedding has a color scheme that you would like to incorporate into the dress, this might be a nice place to do it. You could alternate between your wedding color and the white to give the dress a unique look.

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