Benefits of Car Alloy Wheel Products

by | Mar 22, 2013 | Automotive

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Alloy wheels are those made from aluminum or aluminum combined with other metals. Many drivers have switched from standard steel wheels to the more popular designs of alloy wheels – and for good reason. Not only do alloy wheels improve a vehicle’s aesthetics, it can also boost its performance. Learn more about the other numerous benefits of car alloy wheel products.

Reduced Weight

One of the main benefits of alloy wheels is their reduced weight. This helps to decrease the vehicle’s upsprung weight of its suspension, or the weight that is carried by the suspension alone. Overall, the reduced weight of aluminum alloy wheels improves a vehicle’s agility and steering response. This is especially handy when more aggressive driving techniques are required, such as for racing.

Increased Strength

Due to their unique design and carefully planned construction, alloy wheels are also relatively strong and resistant to bending. They also have the benefit of dissipating heat in a more efficient manner, which ultimately minimises a wheel’s resistance to cracking. This heat dissipation also promotes better braking and contributes to brake cooling as more air is able to move around the brakes due to the spokes in the wheels.

Wide Selection

Unlike steel wheels, alloy wheels come in a much wider selection of designs and styles. When shopping for car alloy wheel products, consider the bolt patterns and unique designs of each set of alloy wheels to find ones that suit your personal taste and the look of your vehicle. Alloy wheels can be found for all types of vehicles, from racing cars to oversized SUVs; this means wheels as small as 12 inches or those as large as 18 inches or more.

Aesthetic Appeal

There’s no denying the sleek look of aluminum alloy wheels when they are freshly installed on your vehicle. Since alloy wheels can be found in a wide selection of finishes, including wheels that are chromed, polished and painted, this makes for a more customised feel. Alloy wheels can become even more customised when you order specific colours, graphics or art. Overall, alloy wheels are the ultimate option for any vehicle makeover.

Boost in Value

Installing alloy wheels on your vehicle is an investment, improving the value of your car or truck. Since the look and performance of alloy wheels is well-known, the mere desirability of these tyre sets can boost a car’s value, making it much easier to sell. It’s also considered a plus when the wheels are fitted for your vehicle.

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