How Duct Cleaning Keeps Greenwich CT Homes Safe

When deciding upon duct cleaning in Greenwich CT residents list safety as a top reason. Parents everywhere try hard to protect their families from dangers both real and imaginary in the home. They check for monsters under the bed and lock and bolt the door at night. Many people, however, don’t realize the hidden danger running below their feet and over their heads – dirty air ducts.

How Safe Is The Air You Breathe?

If asked a parent of a child with asthma and can tell harrowing tales of late night emergency room trips with a child unable to catch their breath. One of the major contributors to asthma symptoms is mold. Unfortunately many people don’t realize the prevalence of mold in air duct systems. Mold not only impacts those with asthma but a large part of the rest of society as well. Many people don’t even realize their bodies are reacting to mold in the air. Instead they complain of runny noses, congestion and sore throats – all symptoms of a mold allergy attack. A routine inspection of a house’s air duct system can protect families from unknown mold growth.

Is Your Home Fire Safe?

Even families without symptoms of allergies should get their air ducts cleaned regularly. Greenwich CT families know all too well the dangers of dust, debris and lint build-up leading to fires in vents and air ducts. Duct cleaning allows trained professionals to determine the risk of fire and advise families as to how best minimize their fire chances. Air duct fires are one of the quickest spreading and deadliest house fires seen by firefighters. A simple inspection and cleaning can greatly reduce the risk.

Getting the Job Done Right

Once Greenwich CT families decide on duct cleaning a professional technician must be used. The EPA warns of the dangers of an improperly cleaned air duct system. Since the system is filled with contaminants and allergens all vents must be properly and efficiently sealed before the cleaning process begins. Once sealed a high power vacuum removes dust and debris. The technicians follow that process with compressed air to target trouble spots. Lastly, a professional is able to treat mold and other toxins with safe chemicals to guarantee their removal.

With so much at risk protecting a family’s health, safety and home with a simple duct cleaning inspection and regular cleaning is a small investment. Although it might be tempting for homeowners to take a peek into the air duct system and come to their own conclusions about the cleanliness of the system only a professional knows for what exactly to look. With mold being one of the worst allergens out there and fires all too common in family homes, precaution rules the day when it comes to home maintenance. By investing in duct cleaning Greenwich CT families invest in their safety.

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