Get A Dazzling Smile With Teeth Whitening In Houston

Teeth whitening in Houston can get back the sparkling white smile that you had as a kid. Tooth enamel is almost like porcelain shiny and white when new but gets chipped and yellow with wear and tear.

As small cracks and gaps develop in the teeth enamel while chewing it fills up with food particles and debris and dulls the appearance of the tooth. Teeth whitening treatment can remove these stains and particles but then it leaves the cracks exposed that can get filled up with debris again.

Options for teeth whitening in Houston

Following options are available for teeth whitening in Houston

In-Office teeth whitening procedure is done by professional technician or your dentist in the dental clinic. This technique uses the application of a bleaching agent or peroxide gel that is highly concentrated to the teeth. The gum is protected with a rubber dam prior to the application of the gel. This technique produces instant whitening. Average cost is $650 per visit.

Professionally dispensed kits are provided by dentists that can be used at home. These kits use a much milder concentration of the gel. It is applied to the teeth and then left to take an effect for at least 1-hr. Average cost can vary from $100-$400

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening may be the cheapest but it doesn’t deliver the full; effect of professional dental teeth whitening in Houston. A store bought kit has a bleaching gel with very low concentration. These kits may be effective to only few front teeth instead of the whole set. Average cost varies from $10-$100.

Risks associated with teeth whitening in Houston

Teeth whitening procedure is considerably safe however there are few factors to take note of:

Teeth can become sensitive to temperature, pressure and touch due to the bleaching agent. Sometimes this is accompanied by shooting pains in the middle of the front teeth. If you have gum recession, cracks in your teeth or erroneous restorations you might be at a higher risk for sensitivity.

Sensitivity due to teeth whitening usually lasts for 24-48 hrs but can extend to 30 days in few cases.

Gum irritation can result from the bleaching agent that can last for several days. It will diminish once the bleach concentration is lowered. Technicolor teeth is the situation when some of the teeth are whitened while others are not affected by the bleaching agent. This is possible if you have few teeth restored with crowns, veneers etc.

If you are planning for ceramic restorations or cosmetic bonding right after whitening wait at least for two weeks to see the final color of the teeth to ensure proper color matching and adhesive bonding.

Maintenance after teeth whitening in Houston

Once you have gone through teeth whitening in Houston, follow these guidelines to maximize the results:

* Follow regular maintenance whitening at home
* Avoid food and beverages that can stain your teeth for at least a week after whitening
* Avoid dark colored beverages or use a straw when drinking dark colored beverages
* Maintain oral hygiene

Get that dazzling smile with this safe procedure of teeth whitening Houston. Contact John Barras Dentistry for more information.

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