How a Tile Store in Lawrence, KS Makes it Easy to Choose the Right Flooring

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Carpet and Floor Cleaners

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When you are building a home, renovating, or just want to replace old floors, a Tile Store in Lawrence, KS can make the decisions easier. Experts, such as Capital City Flooring, Inc., provide a big showroom, where you can view flooring options in hundreds of styles, colors, and materials. Professional staff will explain the qualities of various choices, including:

CERAMIC OR PORCELAIN TILES: Tiles are easy to maintain and can be configured to create dozens of unique patterns. They are stain and water resistant, and colored tiles tend to disguise scratches and damage. Tile is reasonably priced. Grout lines can be hard to clean, and a tile cleaner should be used.

STONE: Floors made of stone are extremely durable, and look beautiful for many years. Dust mopping and damp mopping will keep them looking good, but they need to be cleaned with products recommended by their manufacturer. Stone flooring is available in many types, including marble and limestone. It is one of the most expensive flooring options.

WOOD: Homeowners who want to add warmth and elegance choose wood floors, which are wear resistant, long lasting, and can be refinished. They can easily be cleaned with wood cleaners and vacuuming. Wood may expand or darken with age, and some materials, such as pine, could dent. Wood can be affected by moisture.

CARPETS: If you need a floor that is safe for young children or those who may fall, carpeting provides an ideal solution. A Tile Store in Lawrence, KS can provide carpeting in plush, textured, indoor-outdoor, and many other styles. Carpeting is available in dozens colors, is affordable, and tends to muffle sound. Stains have to wiped up immediately, and carpets should be cleaned fairly often, to maintain a sanitary environment.

VINYL: Budget-friendly vinyl is available in many patterns and colors, and is easy to clean. Vinyl floors are comfortable to walk on. They are hard to repair, and, in tile form, can absorb moisture.

When you are shopping for new floors, the experts at a Tile Store in Lawrence, KS can help you narrow down your choices by demonstrating the qualities of wood, tile, vinyl, stone, and carpet flooring, among others.