Tree Trimming Services in Potomac: More Than Just Branch Removal

Trees provide shade, beauty and climate control. Along with these advantages come responsibilities. Healthy, well-maintained trees increase the value of your home, but can quickly become a liability if weakened or damaged. Fortunately, Tree trimming services Potomac offer a variety of pro-active, restorative and damage mitigating services to keep your trees thriving and your property safe. These services include:

Tree Removal: Sometimes a tree needs to be removed completely due to disease, age or proximity to your house. This is a job for professionals; it requires experience, special equipment and thorough knowledge of safety procedures. A tree that falls the wrong way can cause major damage to your property and could be fatal to anyone in its way.

Stump Grinding: You may have inherited unsightly tree stumps on your property from previous owners, or you’ve had a tree removed and want to complete the removal by getting rid of the stump. Professional tree trimming services Potomac will use a stump grinder to perform this job. Also known as a stump cutter, this is a powerful piece of equipment that removes the stump with a rotating cutting disk.

Lightning Protection: A lightning strike can kill a tree instantly or leave it damaged and prone to infestation and disease. If the tree is too close to your home, there is also a risk of the current jumping to more conductive materials attached to your house. A lightning protection system uses copper connectors connected to a ground rod; the electrical charge is conducted into the earth, where it can disperse with minimal damage.
Cabling and Bracing: Sometimes an otherwise healthy tree has a structural weakness, or you wish to preserve a damaged tree and minimize the risks associated with weak branches. Cabling and bracing are the two most commonly used methods of structural support. Cables and bracing rods reduce the chance of damage or injury from compromised limbs, and can be helpful in the tree restoration process.

Insurance Claims: If a downed tree or limb causes damage to your home or your neighbor’s property, you’ll need a reputable tree service to perform a damage assessment and removal estimate for your insurance company.

A complete tree care service will also typically have a certified arborist or tree expert on hand to provide consultation and advice. Protect your home and preserve your trees by taking advantage of the many services provided by Tree trimming services Potomac. Browse website for more details.