Hiring the Best Lawyer in Royse City, TX to Fight a DWI Charge

Anyone arrested for a DWI charge in Texas needs to request a hearing to keep their driver’s license within 15 days of the charge. If this is not done, then the person loses their right to fight the license suspension. This is only one reason that a person charged with a DWI offense needs to hire a criminal lawyer Royse City TX firm immediately. There are people who attend a function such as a retirement party and they get caught up in the celebration and drink too much. It’s not until the police pull them over and arrest them, that they truly realize they are drunk. They may let embarrassment keep them from seeking the legal help the desperately need.

Drunk driving charges have massive repercussions for a person. In addition to the license suspension, the driver also faces years of jail time, a driver’s license surcharge that can go as high as $6,000 and paying of court costs. A competent criminal attorney can help minimize these and might even be able to get the charges reduced. That help begins at the license suspension hearing. As painful as it might be for the defendant, it gives the attorney the opportunity to question the arresting police officer and assess his credibility. This is invaluable information when preparing to defend against a DWI charge.

A good defense attorney understands DWI laws and the judicial system that enforces them. There are several strategies that they can use to have the DWI charge reduced. There are also ways to have the arrest warrants and fingerprints destroyed. But the defense attorney needs to be called in at the earliest possible time to have the best chance of doing any of this.

Defendants might believe that they can’t afford the best DWI lawyer Royse City TX representation. The first consultation is free. Defendants might also be surprised that some of the best defense lawyers in the area will take this type of case for a low flat fee, with no money down. Then, they work out an affordable payment plan with the defendant. Anyone who gets a panicked phone call from a family member who’s been arrested for a DWI should encourage them to get a good lawyer and aggressively fight the charge.

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