Advantages To Using A Water Jet

You might hear that more and more people are trying out different methods of cutting their materials. In addition to laser and plasma cutting you can use abrasive mesh and water in a machine known as a water jet. This machine offers all kinds of advantages to using it in your cutting duties. If you haven’t researched it until now, here are some important advantages you might consider when looking into purchasing one.

First and foremost is the accuracy that these machines are capable of. You can get extremely accurate with some machines able to hold tolerances up to 0.005”. When you need a machine to hold tight tolerances, this could be a good option for you. The cutting with these machines is generally computer controlled, so you know it will be very precise.

Some businesses are actually concerned with the kind of waste that might be produced from the cutting machines. Some machines produce a sludge that also involves extra cleaning of parts. With a water jet system you don’t necessarily need to stress about sludge build-up. In addition, the waste from the machines is not considered toxic or hazardous. If you are concerned about it, you can even have the waste tested just to make sure.

When using water and abrasive mesh to cut materials you don’t have to worry about heat. Not worrying about heat means that employees can handle materials fresh off the machine and not worry about accidentally marring them or warping them from the heat. Employees also don’t have to worry as much about accidentally burning their hands or other part of their body on an extremely hot piece of materials because there is no heat-affected zone with this machine.

These machines are also capable of cutting most materials and sometimes even thicker materials than other cutters might be capable of. In fact, you can cut just about any material with this machine as you can with others. One exception would be tempered glass, which might not hold up well against the water and abrasive mesh.

Different methods of cutting materials like metal, plastic, and glass have different advantages. If you choose to go with a water jet you will likely find it to be accurate, not produce hazardous waste, no heat-affected zone, and the ability to cut through most materials. With the right knowledge behind its operation, you can expect a lot from your cutting machine.

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